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Highlights of Track Record in Business and Economy

Professional Affiliations


Mindanao Business Council (MBC)


The MBC is the premier private sector representative of the entire island of Mindanao, Philippines. It provides policy advocacy, trade and investment promotion and business support services to its client partners and stakeholders, which include the Chamber of Commerce, industry and sector associations, federations, and other business support organizations. It is a recognized institution in the East ASEAN Business Council (EABC).


            Former Chair, 1998 to 2003

Under Ms. Bian’s leadership, the MBC has consistency advocated for policies aimed at reducing the cost of doing business in Mindanao by at least 10 to 15 percent, facilitating efficient linkages and channels between production and processing/marketing centers, promoting investments and enhancing global competitiveness of industry sectors.


In collaborations with other networks, the MBC has been successful in helping to bring about the following landmark policy reforms, among others:


·         Government’s commitment to earmark for Mindanao in 2001-04, an average of 34 percent of the total agricultural infrastructure budget, and 32 percent of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) budget;

·         Philippine Ports Authority’s (PPA) commitment of Php 6B in port investment over five years;

·         An increase in 2000 budget for Mindanao, including agriculture (form 25 to 28 percent) and DPWH (from 26 to 27 percent);

·         Recognition of Mindanao’s strategic role in Philippine food security;

·         Travel tax exemptions in destinations within the Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines – East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP – EAGA);

·         Longer credit maturity for financing windows for long-gestating crops; and,

·         Reduction of BIMP – EAGA call rates.


Ms. Bian regularly consults the MBC stakeholder in the different regions of Mindanao, regarding pressing issues and concerns directly or indirectly affecting business. Although the MBC’s position may not be always popular in the community, Ms. Bian strongly speaks for the majority of the Council’s stakeholders on the following issues, among others:


·         Calling for a cessation of the government’s all-out war policy in Mindanao and the resumption of peace talks.


Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)

The PCCI is the umbrella organization of the Chambers of Commerce, industry and sector Associations and Federations in the Philippines.


Trustee, National Board, PCCI, 1998 to present

As Trustee, Ms. Bian elevates the concerns of Mindanao to the National level, resulting in favorable actions by concerned government agencies. Relevant issues are raised during the annual Philippine Business Conference (PBC), during which the private sector presents its recommendations to the government.


Ms. Bian provides linkages for the local Chambers of Commerce to a national network of business support organizations and funding institutions. She continues to prioritize the Chambers of Commerce in terms of capability enhancements for them to consequently improve their services to their members, especially to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).



Chair,  PCCI Committee on Population Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance,  2004 up to present 



East ASEAN Business Council (EABC)

The EABC is the official private sector organization of the BIMP – EAGA economic cooperation.



EABC Deputy Chair for the Philippines, 1998 to 2003

Ms. Bian articulates the position of Mindanao on various matters relative to the BIMP – EAGA. She supported the proposal on the accelerated reduction of tariff rates on selected agricultural products between Mindanao, Philippines and Sabah, Malaysia. She has been pushing for the multi-lateral or bilateral implementation of the FFTR, the harmonization of Customs Immigration Quarantine Security (CIQS) procedures in the BIMP – EAGA facilitate trade Linkages and the expansion of air and sea network among the participating areas.



Davao City Investment Promotions Board

The Board is established by the City Government of Davao to promote investments on identified priority sectors. The Board grants incentives to qualified investors.


Private Sector Representative to the Davao City Investment Promotions Board, 1999 -2003

As member of the Board, Ms. Bian participants in the policy setting for the Davao City Investment Promotions Center (DCIPC). The board reviews applications for incentives from various investors and participates in the investment promotions campaign in the national and international level.





Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII)

First Woman President, 1993 – 1994 (two terms)

With Ms. Bian as President, the Chamber successfully lobbied for local policies pertaining to just and reasonable level of real estate and business taxes, cost of living allowance (COLA), transparency in the local government and other relevant issues. The Chamber facilitated incoming and outgoing international trade missions. Moreover, Ms. Bian headed the implementation committee of the Regional Enterprise Development (RED), a project of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), assisted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Project RED provided more than Php 2M worth of training, technical assistance and policy advocacy activities in Davao City and nearby provinces, benefited by more than 300 SME beneficiaries. Ms. Bian had a strong bias for grassroads-oriented activities, believing them to be more relevant and more cost-effective development interventions for generating employment opportunities and dispersing economic activities to the countryside.


It was also during her term as President when Davao City was given the hosting of the 22nd Philippine Business Conference (PBC), the first PBC held outside of Metro Manila.


For its achievements, the DCCCII was awarded as “Most Outstanding Chamber in Mindanao” for two years in a row.



Steering Committee (STEERCOM) Chair

Industrial Development Programme for Income and Employment Generations in Mindanao, 1999 to 2001

A Project of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), funded by the Government of Finland, implemented by the MBC. The project is assisting the micro and small industrial enterprises (MSIEs) in Mindanao, particularly those in the Special Zone of Peace and Development (SZOPAD), by enhancing the capabilities of institutions providing services to the MSIEs. The project gives special attention to the Muslim and Lumad communities, with the end objective of supporting the peace and development efforts of the tri-people of Mindanao: the Muslims, Lumads, and Christians.


As STEERCOM Chair, Ms. Bian heads a team of representatives from both the government and the private sectors providing overall direction for the project. The project, which will run for four (4) years, has completed a framework of a capability building program for the identified business support organizations. (BSOs) for the pilot-testing phase


Mindanao TVET Association, Chair, 2000 up to present

The Mindanao TVET Association is the umbrella organization of all Mindanao Technical Vocational School Associations in the different regions . Through her initiative, she was able to bring together both the industry, Labor, and TVET sector to forge alliances to upgrade  the  skills of the human  resource sector.  Mrs. Bian is the conference chair of the annual Mindanao Human Resource Skills Development Summit . 




Mindanao Commission of Women, Vice-Chair, 2002 up to present

Mrs. Bian shares her expertise in enterprise development in the women sector. She is dedicated to helping women start their own business and enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities. She works with various women groups all over Mindanao; encouraging them and providing them inspiration to be financially independent and  self sufficient. 



National Corn Board, Vice-Chair, 2003 up to present

As Vice-Chair of the National Corn Board, she brings forward the interest and advocacy of the Mindanao grains sector to the national level.





As member of the EDC, she advocates for policies that would lead to the increase of Mindanao exports.



Philippine Center for Population Development-  2004 up to present.

Ateneo de Davao University, Board of Trustees – 2002 up to present

Philippine Australia Business Council- 2004 up to present

Technical Assistance For Center of Dev. Of Rural and Urban Poor


                                                             MINBIZTALK (MINDANAO TIMES)



Joji Ilagan Foundation, Inc. – College of Business and Tourism, President

Tumble Tots International Pre School (Philippine Franchise), President

Ms. Bian is the Founder of the Joji Ilagan Foundation, Inc. – College of Business and Tourism, the first tourism technical-vocational school in Mindanao and Visayas. The College is being developed to be the Regional Tourism Center for BIMP – EAGA. It is the only vocational-technical hotel management school in the Philippines that is affiliated with the Educational Institute of American Hotel and Motel Association. Offering affordable quality education, the College has been an accredited training institution in the Dual-Training Program of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).



Joji Ilagan Foundation is also the  Philippine Franchise Holder  of the Tumble Tots , an International UK Based Pre  School with over 5000  schools  world wide.



A ten (10) hectare plastic recycling facility which produces plastic pellets for export




Membership in Other Business and Civic Organizations

  1. Venture Clubs of the Americans-Philippine Region,

President (Davao) – 1986, Regional Secretary – 1986,

Philippine Governor – 1994

  1. Balay Pasilungan, Inc. (Home for Street Children)

Member, Board of Trustees, 1992

  1. Davao Tourism Association

First Woman President, 1988

  1. Women in Travel – Davao

Charter President


  1. Regional Technical Education and Skills Development Committee – XI

Chair  2003 up to present

  1. Tourism Council of Davao

Vice Chairman, 1990

  1. Commission of the Urban Poor, Region XI

Executive Committee Member, 1999

  1. Ateneo de Davao University

Member. Board of Trustees – 2001 until the present



Membership in Religious Organizations

Charter President of the Lord of Mercy Foundation, 1991; Chairman of Friends of Fatima Parish, 1989; Chairman of Light of the World Community, 1991 up to present


Seminars / Trainings / Conference Attended

Ms. Bian has participated in various national and international conferences, training-workshop activities, for a symposia on socio-economic policies, trade and investments promotions, global competitiveness, strategic planning and management and others. She has also presented  policy papers and has served as resource person in trade and investment conferences.


Awards / Citations

Various institutions have given awards to Ms. Bian for her excellence in the field of education and business development. Among these awards are the following:



Datu Bago Awardee in Business and Education – 1997, the highest award conferred by the City of Davao to persons who have made an impact on the lives of the Dabaweños and have rendered positive and invaluable contribution to the growth and development of the city. Ms. Bian is one of the youngest awardees since Datu Bago was institutionalized in 1970.


Kabalikat Laang Bisig Presidential National Awardee for the promotion of Development of Technical Vocational Training in the Philippines, 1997, conferred by the President of the Republic of the Philippines.


Jaycess, LEAD Award , 2002 : Leadership in Business and Education





Date of Birth          July 23, 1955

Place of Birth         Davao City

Civil Status            Married

Husband’s Name    Engr. George Hao-Bian

Present Age           48

Father’s Name        Atty. Jose M. Ilagan

Mother’s Name       Mrs. Ma. Celina Javellana – Ilagan





Elementary                 :           Immaculate Concepcion College

                                              Davao City – Salutatorian


High School               :            Immaculate Concepcion College

                                              Davao City – Salutatorian


College                       :           University of the Philippines

                                               Diliman, Quezon City

                                               B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration


Special Courses / Seminars Attended:


            Hotel Management Summer Course, Cornell University (Ithaca, New York),1984; John Roberts Power Finishing School (New York); The Spirit of Hospitality and Tourism Management Educational Institute of American Hotel Association Michigan University (Michigan, USA),1994; Quality Food and Restaurant Services Summer Course, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (Switzerland), 1990; Working Capital Management Colombo Plan (Thailand, Bangkok) 1999; Women in Business Conference (Chicago, USA) 2000, Transparent Governance, RAND University (Sta. Monica USA), 2000: Australian Governance Workshop at Key Centre for Ethics, Law , Justice and Governance , Griffith University, Brisbane , Queensland(2001)





Asia Week (People to Watch Section, June 2, 1989),  Singapore Strait Times, Manado Post – Manado, Indonesia, The Filipino Euro – London News, and Asia Travelers Magazine

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