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Joji Ilagan Career Centre Foundation, Inc.

Companies under the Management of Joji Ilagan Foundation

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Our Companies
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Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation manages the following institutions:


Tumble Tots Preschool is a British Franchise with over 500 Branches worldwide. Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation is the Master Philippine Franchise with branches in Manila and Davao.


JIB Welding Academy is newly opened, is currently offering SMAW and GMAW, and is duly accredited by Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)


JIB e-Academy and Solutions is the leading Call Center English Language Proficiency school in Mindanao. It has branches in nationwide.


Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation College of Business and Tourism is the HRM and Tourism school established in 1982 and is the leading HRM and Tourism School in Mindanao

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