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Joji Ilagan Career Centre Foundation, Inc.
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JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTRE is owned and managed by the Center for Career Development with its main office in Davao City. The Center is registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission and is duly recognized by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS), Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and is an accredited training center of the National Manpower Youth Council (NMYC), World Bank and Overseas Worker's Welfare Administration (OWWA).

Popularly known as JIB, the Center was established in 1981 as the first and remains as the only finishing school in the Visayas and Mindanao. Because of the quality of graduates and the innovative kind of education rendered to the community and the society, the training centre together with its managing director, Joji Ilagan Bian was featured in "Creating Total Women" in Asiaweek, June 1989, which said "Joji Ilagan Brings World Class Training to Women at her School in the Southern Philippines".

Originally, the school designed the curriculum with the "complete woman" in mind: self-assured, poised, graceful and refined. However, enthusiastic patronage-especially among the ranks as well as satisfied parents encouraged JIB to venture and branch out to other fields. JIB accomodated children and professionals, both male and female alike, without losing  sight of the first objective of development - the whole person.

JIB's unique training methods combine lectures, workshops, actual subject exercise and student participation, and on-th-job training all in controlled environment, with honing personality traits to advanced personalized-type of learning. The centre is not much interested in quantity but in quality so that the few would eventually emerge as the BEST in their chosen fields.

In addition to western-style service and educational standards, excellent traditional oriented methods are retained to enhance our graduates' upward mobility. To ensure maximum results, JIB endeavors to maintain an educational atmosphere that is warm, experiential, and theoretical.

We Provide the highest possible quality of professional education and training in the hotel, tourism and hospitality industries.
We Want to establish ourselves as the educational institution for developing world-class training and resources for the ever-expanding tourism and hospitality industies.
We Want to be sought for our expertise in frontline and management development training as well as by their Hospitality and Food Service institutions such as Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants who demand the highest caliber skills training for their workers and staff.
We Want to respond to and fill the need of individuals and tourism facilities that demand only the highest caliber education for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries.

JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTRE FOUNDATION, INC. is the first finishing school in the Mindanao and the Visayas. It is owned and managed by the Centre for Career Development, Inc., with its main office along Chavez Street, Davao City, Philippines.
Joji Ilagan Career Centre Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1981, on the belief that quality education should be made available to whoever aspires to learn or improve his chances for employment and upward mobility. The Centre is therefore committed to provide curricula and learning programmes designed with the development of the whole person in mind - an individual who is skilled, confident and self-assured.
Unique training methods, modern facilities and competent instructors and authoritative consultants work together untiringly to make JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTRE FOUNDATION, INC. always one step ahead. She endeavors to be the consummate institution of learning that its conceptualizers envisioned her to be.
JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTRE FOUNDATION, INC., the school now on its 24th year of existence reaffirms her commitment to excellence. She looks forward to brighter and more dynamic years ahead.


Atty. Jose Edgar J. Ilagan, president

Mr. George Hao-Bian, vice-president

Ms. Ma. Celina J. Ilagan, administrative director / comptroller

Ms. Joji Ilagan Bian, managing and academic director

Ms. Mercy Fidelis D. Ilagan, executive director



For Feedback and questions, contact us at (082)227-5602 or email us at